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The utilities’ war on solar won’t work. Because Americans already have decided the outcome.

chartforsolarcitypollLast week, we published the tale of two public opinion polls, one from Gallup and one from the Nuclear Energy Institute, that asked the same question but came up with radically different numbers.

Another new poll provides additional proof that one of those polls cited last week–the NEI poll–is the one that is way off base.  Continue reading


Rooftop solar benefits all ratepayers

solar-panels-installed-on-rooftopWe’re pleased to repost, with permission, this post that was published yesterday by David Schlissel and Karl Cates of the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. We linked to this post yesterday on Facebook and Twitter, and it was the day’s most popular link for us. Still, we thought it deserves a wider audience. We’ve talked about this issue a lot on GreenWorld, but mostly in a rather peripheral fashion–we thought it would be of interest to our readers to see the issue explored in more detail. And see below this post for some great news about the growth of rooftop solar.

The utility and fossil-fuel industries continue to spread a crude canard against the growing popularity of rooftop solar across America.

The lie goes something like this: Households and business that install photovoltaic panels are doing so at the expense of other electricity ratepayers because they are “subsidized” by those that don’t have solar panels. Continue reading