GreenWorld’s Future:

Dear GreenWorld readers,

As you have probably heard, GreenWorld’s founder, editor, and primary author, Michael Mariotte, passed away in May. That loss been difficult for all those who have known him, whether personally, professionally, or through his inimitable written voice. The blog has taken a needed and appropriate hiatus, as we adjust to life without Michael and think through the editorial plan for GreenWorld. We apologize for the gap in communication–Michael was as devoted to the readers of the blog as many of you have been to following it.

Michael founded GreenWorld out of his love for writing and reporting, which he had wanted to do more of for years. But he also had a mission: to fill an essential and long-standing gap in energy industry news coverage, by providing analysis of the clean energy transition, climate change, and related environmental issues from an informed perspective critical of nuclear power.

That gap still exists, and to an even greater degree without Michael to fill it. There have been major developments in just the last few months since Michael stopped writing, and we have missed sorely the insightful and incisive commentary he would have been able to provide.

So it is in that spirit that NIRS will continue GreenWorld. We will not be posting as frequently at first, and you will hear from a wider range of voices going forward. But we intend to keep up GreenWorld’s mission and uphold the same standards of accuracy and quality that the blog has become known and respected for with Michael at the editorial helm.

Our first post will go up later today, analyzing the Clean Energy Standard adopted in New York yesterday–an issue about which Michael would have been publishing frequently this year.

Please let us know what you think, in comments or by email at

For a Carbon-Free, Nuclear-Free World,

Tim Judson

Executive Director

Nuclear Information and Resource Service



2 thoughts on “GreenWorld’s Future:

  1. Peter Sipp

    Hello Tim, there were times when you’d write an article and your style is very much likes MM’s. When I’d finish the story, I was surprised you had written it and not MM. Would you continue to write articles? I do hope so. For sure Mr. Mariotte’s style can never be replicated. I miss Michael’s writing very much. It was Michael’s writing during vogtles first two of four supposed reactor builds that gave me any hope at all. The pro propaganda in Ga. was bought by almost the entire local population. I am glad to be away from there. Cheers, Pete Sipp


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