This is going to be awesome

kingcongpcmThere are just four days left until the historic People’s Climate March in New York City Sunday, September 21. It will be awesome–and that’s a word I don’t use very often.

The momentum for the Nuclear-Free, Carbon-Free Contingent is stunning; this Contingent is going to be awesome too. We’ve got  650 bright yellow with shining orange sun “Nuclear Power, No Thanks” flags (in English, Spanish and Japanese!); hundreds of posters, a giant King Cong prop, huge banners and much more. We’ve heard from people coming for this Contingent not only from New York and the Northeast, but from all over the country: North Carolina; Illinois and Ohio; Chicago; Nebraska; Tennessee; even California!

We hope you’ll join us there. Even if you haven’t made plans yet, there is still time!

We will be assembling on Central Park West between 73rd and 74th streets, and will be holding a rally there beginning at 10 am on September 21. Confirmed speakers so far include Dr. Arjun Mahkijani (IEER and author of Carbon-Free, Nuclear-Free); Jessica Azulay (AGREE); Julia Walsh (Frack Action & New Yorkers Against Fracking); Tim Judson (NIRS); Leona Morgan (ENDAUM, Clean Up the Mines); Japanese activist Yuko Tonohira; Michael Mariotte, MC (NIRS). Raging Grannies and New York singer/songwriter Joel Landy will perform. More speakers and performers will be announced soon.

Full directions to the assembly point, and loads of other information–updated at least daily–are on the Contingent website here.

We need volunteers on Sunday morning at the assembly site beginning at 8 am to help unload our vans, staple the flags and posters on cardboard tubes, set up stage and sound system, etc. If you can volunteer even a few minutes, please contact us at or call us at 301-270-6477. Thank you!

Today, Wednesday, September 17, we and all the organizations supporting the People’s Climate March are doing a final major online organizing push. You can help by sending an e-mail to your friends and colleagues about the march and the Nuclear-Free, Carbon-Free Contingent and post on your social media sites (you might want to post the great graphic by Gail Payne above, just right-click on it to save it to your computer). You can also change your Facebook profile picture for a few days. Some samples, where you can write in your own reason for supporting the march, are here. We recommend you write “for a nuclear-free, carbon-free future.”

We will be holding a national conference call on the march tomorrow, Wednesday, September 17, at 8 pm Eastern time. This will include an up-to-date briefing on the march and Contingent, and your opportunity to ask any final questions you may have. If you would like to be on this call, please e-mail your name, organization (if one) and location to

Long-time activist and former California state legislator Tom Hayden has begun a petition to remove nuclear power from a United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network recommendation on climate change. That’s a great idea! Please sign this petition here.

Please don’t forget to send your comments to the EPA to remove support for nuclear power from its carbon reduction proposal. It’s easy to do here. The comment period has been extended until December 1st, so let’s make sure the EPA hears all of our voices!

And please help us pay for the flags, posters, sound system and many other expenses we’ve accumulated for the Nuclear-Free, Carbon-Free Contingent. You can make your tax-deductible contribution here. Thank you so much!

We hope to see you in New York City!

Michael Mariotte

September 17, 2014


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