Nuclear Newsreel, Thursday, February 6, 2014

Nuclear utilities cry that the market is stacked against them. Maybe it’s that nukes are just too expensive? What they want is a system that is stacked for nuclear power–that would be a system stacked against ratepayers. This is an issue that will grow in importance this year and next as some utilities fight to avoid more reactor shutdowns.

DOE nuclear chief Pete Lyons–a longtime nuke industry proponent (former aide to Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM))–claims reactor shutdowns are threatening Administration’s climate goals. Absurd. Obama should disown comments, find new chief and/or abolish nuclear department.

UCS scientists pen new book: Fukushima: The Story of a Nuclear Disaster. Release event in Atlanta February 10–if you’re in the area, you’ll want to be there. If you’re not, the book will be a must-read.

Big banks are investing big money in renewables. Not in nuclear. Goldman Sachs, for example, is about to invest a staggering $40 Billion in new renewable projects. Wall Street knows where the future is, even if the nuclear industry hasn’t figured it out yet.

New electric capacity 2012-2013, from FERC.

New electric capacity 2012-2013, from FERC.

New electric capacity in 2013: wind stalls (because of expiration of production tax credit), solar zooms (not even counting rooftop!), coal/nukes going nowhere. Year-end report from FERC shows the trend, and the trend is very likely to continue.

Several actresses join with Sierra Club to make a video urging California Gov. Jerry Brown to ensure that replacement of lost power from San Onofre nuclear shutdown is accomplished with 100% clean energy.

New study compares electricity storage to solar market of 2005: about to zoom up. That’s good news. The faster storage is implemented, the faster a renewable-powered grid will become the reality.

Utilities are on the attack against solar power in Kansas–want to end state’s net metering program. And in Ohio, wind power opponents claim state’s support for wind is unconstitutional, take case to Ohio Supreme Court. Renewable energy standards are also under attack in the state. Activists must fight back against these nuke/fossil fuel assaults on clean energy.

Another article on how solar power is becoming a standard feature on some new homes–at least these rather nice new homes in California….It’s a growing and welcome trend.

Michael Mariotte


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