Nuclear Newsreel, Monday, January 13, 2014

People are the same all over, aren’t they? Nobody wants radioactive waste dumps: Czech Republic suspends repository survey at Kraví Hora.

DOE_Solar_DeploymentThis is about a week old, but very important. From Joe Romm at ClimateProgress (an often useful blog to follow): 60 Minutes hit job on clean energy ignores the facts. This not only provides the facts, and context, but includes some great graphs. One is reproduced to the right.

How right-wing extremist group ALEC wants to reshape U.S. energy policy in 2014: more coal, less renewables. ALEC is a well-financed, corporate-sponsored organization devoted to spreading extreme right-wing legislation across the U.S. Last year they took aim at state renewable energy standards across the U.S., and fortunately, failed in every effort. Their goals for 2014 appear a bit more modest, but it will require citizen action in targeted states to defeat them once again. They would set our nation’s energy policies back decades.

From Daily Kos: Peak water is here. Electricity generation (i.e. nukes & coal) are largest water users in US. If we indeed have reached “peak water,” that is a truly scary thought. Electricity generation and agriculture are, by far, the largest water users in the U.S. And water obviously is needed to grow food. But electricity generation can change. Nuclear power is the largest user of water, per megawatt generated, of all generation sources; coal is second. Solar and wind use very little. Energy efficiency even less. Those advocating for more nuclear power rarely even acknowledge that water use might be an issue. And no one has ever done a study showing what the impact of building say, 100 new reactors in the U.S., would have on water supplies. This is a major issue for the American Clean Energy Agenda (ACEA), of which NIRS is a part. Expect to see more on water and nukes this year in GreenWorld.

This is the future: Ford and SunPower are about to make the utility grid irrelevant for charging electric vehicles. Some anti-nuclear and anti-fossil fuel activists have been reluctant to fully endorse electric vehicles for fear that they would drive up electricity demand and require new reactor or fossil fuel construction. That’s certainly a meme some utilities have been eager to promote. but have no fear. The future will be electric vehicles powered by solar modules, and Ford & SunPower are already working to make that happen.

Ontario’s bill for refurbishing 10 aging reactors is coming due. And it’s massive.



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