Nuclear Newsreel, January 10, 2014

Florida lawmaker seeks major changes to state energy laws to promote renewables & end early cost recovery for nukes. Great quote from State Rep. Dwight Dudley (D-St. Petersburg): “When it comes to energy policy, Florida is in the Stone Age,” Dudley said. “How is it that New Jersey is ahead of the Sunshine State when it comes to renewables?” Dudley’s proposal would end a state law that prohibits any entity except a utility from selling power to customers–for example, a mall cannot currently install solar power on its roof and sell the power to the stores in the mall. And he says if he can’t get the proposal through the legislature, he may try to go for a ballot initiative. Now that could be fun….

Fort Calhoun restart lasts nearly three weeks. Reactor shut down because of ice build-up in water intake structure.

Bill Gates finally investing some money on something useful: energy storage. The $20 million or so he’s investing here is dwarfed by what he’s spending on his absurd “traveling wave” reactor, and yet it will probably be both a better investment financially for him and certainly a better investment for society.

Koodankulam: An Unfettered Struggle. Brief report from weekend’s meeting of Indian anti-nuclear power movement.

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