Nuclear Newsreel, January 9, 2014

NRC issues new downgrade of decrepit Pilgrim reactor. One of most vulnerable reactors in U.S. In fact, all of Entergy’s reactors in the Northeast (Vermont Yankee, Pilgrim, Indian Point, Fitzpatrick) should be on everyone’s shortlist of reactors most likely to close in the near future (with Vermont Yankee, of course, already set to close this year). The economics of Entergy’s Northeast reactors, their status as merchant plants in an increasingly competitive environment, the safety/aging concerns of each of these reactors and with the most anti-nuclear population in the U.S., all point to the likelihood that Entergy’s east coast presence is going to diminish further over the next couple of years.

N.Y. agency wants to spend $960M on rooftop solar; will total 3,000 MW. Who needs Indian Point?

Continuing delays with proposal to build more reactors at Czech’s Temelín site. On the path to cancellation?


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